Coating, impregnation and cleaning products

based on nano-hybrid technology

About H2A Coatings BV

H2A Coatings BV is an innovative company, specialised in innovative, sustainable nano products.

Development, production, distribution and application
H2A Coatings BV develops, produces, distributes and applies environmentally friendly coating and impregnation products and additives, based on nano technology. All our products are the latest in protective coatings and impregnation applications.

We have a broad range of products applicable to all sorts of materials. Examples are natural stone, brick, concrete, glass, wood, textile, metal, synthetic materials and paper. Nearly all sorts of materials can be coated. Our products are environmentally safe and do not contain heavy metals or strong environmentally damaging additives.

H2A Coatings

Developments in nanotechnology

The development of our products based on nanotechnology progresses in a rapid pace. Nanos (Greek) means “dwarf”. A nano metre is one millionth of a millimetre in length. The essence of nanotechnology is manipulation on a molecular scale to build different structures, resulting in a fundamentally new molecular organisation with new, unique properties.

H2A Coatings BV cooperates internationally with scientists in the development of products based on nano technology.

We can use the nanotechnology on:

Stenen coating

Stone, Brick & Concrete

The coatings, tailor-made for mineral surfaces, do not detract from the natural properties. read more...

Graffiti coating


H2A Coatings BV has products that are excellent when it comes to treating surfaces against graffiti. read more...

Glass & Ceramics

The coatings of H2A Coatings BV are pure, flexible and durable in glass on a molecular level. They protect glass surfaces. read more...

Betonrot coating

Concrete Additive

To prevent concrete rot, H2A Coatings BV has an admixture with the property to influence salts in the mortar in such a way that they do not escape. read more...


H2A Coatings BV has developed several applications with a large functional scope for metal treatments. read more...


Fire Protection

H2A Coatings BV has succeeded in developing a completely new product for the wood industry: Fireprotect. read more...

Textiel coating


The impregnation agents of H2A Coatings BV contribute enormously to the development of intelligent textiles . read more..

kunststof coating

Synthetic Materials

H2A Coatings Kunststof Protect KP is geschikt voor bijna alle soorten kunststof, zoals polycarbonaat, PMMA, etc. lees verder...

Do you want to stand out from competitors in your industry?

Our employees have years of experience in the areas of cleaning and coating. They advise building companies, engineering bureaus and architects and provide special training programs for our coating staff.

Do you wish to distinguish yourself from your associates in your line of industry?

We gladly work together with our clients to find unique improvements and solutions in diverse areas, up to now unknown in the industry.

Are you looking for innovation, distinction, exclusivity or do you have a specific problem with a specific surface, material or product, please contact us to see what we can offer you and your company.

Our mission and vision

Protecting and preventing negative influences on materials used in our living environment, by developing technologically high-standard products on the basis of nano technology. These products give treated materials new and special attributes and extend their lifespan. This will promote durability, sustainability and save the environment.

H2A Coatings BV wants to provide a positive contribution to the environment and society, by producing its products without heavy metals or aggressive and environmentally damaging chemicals and additives.

The innovative character of our products demands that we train our own staff in the use of these products. These training courses are implemented on the basis of social return, because we wish to contribute to increase labour participation of people who are at a disadvantage in the labour market.

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