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Stone, brick & concrete

Stone, brick, plaster and concrete are mineral surfaces, which occupy substantial parts of buildings and their surrounds. The coatings of H2A Coatings BV, made to measure for mineral surfaces, do not inhibit the natural attributes like water vapour permeability, breathing and warmth insulation. Useful qualities are Protection against aggressive pollutants and or chemicals, both on floors and facades Anti-slip protection for slippery floors Protection against graff..


H2A Coatings BV has special products that are exceptionally well applicable to protect surfaces against graffiti. Our products are suitable for all sorts of surfaces, like concrete, masonry, brick, stone, marble, glass, steel, and synthetic surfaces. To protect a surface against graffiti with an effective anti-graffiti product will always be economical in the long run. Our products offer protection against graffiti, and also against grease, oil, road salts and atmospheric pollutants…


Concrete additive

Concrete rot or concrete cancer is a term commonly used for concrete damage or concrete degradation. Usually this means corroding of the reinforcing steel in the concrete. This is an expansive reaction (rust expands), which makes the concrete crack. This can be very damaging to the strength of the concrete itself and the concrete structure as a whole. Concrete degradation is caused by carbonation or chloride penetration and usually this happens in difficult circumstances for the con..

Glass & Ceramics

GLASS Glass mainly consists of silicon dioxide (SiO2). By adding aluminium oxide, potassium oxide, calcium oxide and other components, glass can achieve various properties, most of which are well understood. H2A Coatings BV has developed products, which are able to add to glass hitherto unknown characteristics to improve on it. The coatings of H2A Coatings BV are pure, flexible, super-durable glass, albeit at the molecular level. These characteristics can protect glass surfaces ..

Keramiek coating


Metals are sensitive to pollution, fatigue, corrosion and wear. H2A Coatings BV has developed several coatings with wide functionality for metals. In our environment, a large amount of different sorts of metals are visible and used for different functional and aesthetic reasons. Others are hidden, for similar reasons. Normally, metals conduct heat well and are available in different categories of hardness (from soft lead to hard chrome for instance). They also have a particular sen..

Fire Protection

FIREPROTECT: NEW WEAPON IN FIRE PREVENTION H2A COATINGS BV has succeeded in developing a completely new product for the wood industry. Fireprotect is an important new tool in fire prevention. Fireprotect is a liquid, which makes wood, textile, paper and cardboard fire retardant. Wooden houses, fences, etc. cannot burn anymore. Fireprotect can be used where fireproofing is needed. Fireprotect has to be applied to clean wood but can later be painted over. Wooden stairs become fire sa..

Textiel coating


Production of textile and clothing is amongst the oldest techniques used by mankind. Textile used to be for protection against the weather, but nowadays it is also used in architecture, building applications, as filters for air and water, for car interiors, as protection against the sun and UV radiation and much more. The impregnation products of H2A Coatings BV contribute much to the development of intelligent textiles, with inbuilt high-tech properties. The usefulness of the pr..

Synthetic materials

Each day more synthetic materials are being used in the finishing of buildings. H2A Coatings BV has a special coating for synthetic or plastic materials. H2A Coatings Plastic Materials Protect KP is a nano coating especially developed for synthetic or plastic materials, like polycarbonate, PMMA, etc. This product is not suited for polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Advantages Long term protection of plastic materials Reduction of stone-chipping damage Strongly water and oil repellent ..