Nanotechnology is the ultimate technology of the 21st century. It creates completely new possibilities in all sorts of areas, by creating new products with new and unique properties.

What is nanotechnologie?

All materials on earth are made of combinations of about one hundred different atoms. When variations are brought about in the structure of atoms, countless variations of existing products can be created.

Nanotechnology is the technique, which enables working with particles in the order of nano metres (one millionth of a millimetre), which is just above the scale of atoms and simple molecules (0.060 nm to 0.275 nm).

‘Nano’ is a size invisible to the eyes. Criterion is that a structure is at least 100 nano metres in size. To make clear the impact of nano technology, a simple definition will not be sufficient. Only concrete applications of the technique will show the reach of the subject.

Nano technologie

The Lotus effect

On smooth surfaces water drops slide over dirt particles and easily removes these. It ‘pearls’ off the surface. This is what is called the lotus effect.

Because of the structure of the coatings based on nanotechnology, pollutants and moisture cannot adhere to the treated surface anymore. The coatings are extremely water and oil repellent. Because pollutants cannot adhere anymore to the surfaces, the surfaces will be easily cleaned with simple, mild cleaning agents and water.

Some benefits of nanotechnology


Some of the objective targets:

Nano products have unique qualities, which are not present in either the organic or inorganic compounds themselves. Our products have these unique capacities like excellent flexibility, mechanical strength, thermal stability and chemical resistance.

H2A Coatings BV products are environmentally safe products, without heavy metals. All our products comply with the European REACH regulations.

By applying nano technology, materials will be protected long-term against pollutants and water damage. Our coatings and impregnation products are the optimal solution to negative environmental and other external influences.