By applying our products to existing materials, we can extend the lifespan of treated materials. This will enable you to work in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way with raw materials.
The treated material will also be easier to clean because pollutants cannot readily adhere to the treated material anymore. This will lead to cost savings on cleaning agents, labour and maintenance and it improves the visual aspect of the treated surfaces. It is also possible with some materials to obtain an antibacterial and anti-pathogenic action.
Our product line consists of many standardised products that can be applied to many materials, but we can also develop products in cooperation for application to a specific material.

Energie saving and high tech solutions

Automotive solutions

Infrastructure and risk reduction solutions

Building solutions and maintenance

Do you want to stand out from competitors in your industry?

Our employees have years of experience in the areas of cleaning and coating. They advise building companies, engineering bureaus and architects and provide special training programs for our coating staff.

Do you wish to distinguish yourself from your associates in your line of industry?

We gladly work together with our clients to find unique improvements and solutions in diverse areas, up to now unknown in the industry.

Are you looking for innovation, distinction, exclusivity or do you have a specific problem with a specific surface, material or product, please contact us to see what we can offer you and your company.