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Metals are sensitive to contamination, fatigue, corrosion and wear and tear. H2A Coatings BV has developed several applications with a large functional range for metal treatments.

Our Solutions Give Metal Properties

About Metal Coating

All kinds of metals are used for a wide variety of applications for functional and aesthetic reasons; in some situations clearly visible, in others concealed and concealed.
Normally metals conduct heat well, occur in different hardnesses (e.g. soft lead or hard chromium) and have a certain sensitivity to oxygen, which means that they react easily with oxygen (oxidation) and build up layers of oxides, e.g. rust.

Metal surfaces need a layer to protect against oxidation and wear. Our nano coating, specially designed for metal surfaces, gives these improved properties.

All our nano coatings are easy to apply and can be adapted to specific requirements.

Example of a rainwater drainage pipe made of zinc. There is a clear difference between the treated and untreated zinc after 3 years continuously in the sun.

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