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Fire Protection

H2A Coatings BV has succeeded in developing a completely new product for the wood industry. Fireprotect is an important new tool in fire prevention.
Fireprotect is a liquid, which makes wood, textile, paper and cardboard fire retardant. Wooden houses, fences, etc. cannot burn anymore.
Fireprotect can be used where fireproofing is needed. Fireprotect has to be applied to clean wood but can later be painted over.

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Fireprotect: new weapon in fire prevention

Wooden stairs become fire safe and there will be an important slow down, preventing the fire to spread to upper stories and to the attic. When the roof beams cannot combust, the fire will extinguish through lack of oxygen, as collapsing roofs are the major source of oxygen to a house fire. Treated wooden doors will likewise act as fire doors. Fires will not spread readily through the building anymore, leaving more time for people to flee. It will save lives and money.
In addition, Fireprotect can be used to extinguish smaller wood fires. You only need a small amount of the liquid to extinguish a small wood fire. During this process there will hardly be any smoke development.
It can be put to use in new and older buildings, provided that it is applied on clean, unprotected (unpainted, grease free) wood and left to cure for 24 hours. After that the wood can be painted over.

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Untreated wood continues to burn

Treated wood scorches but does not burn!

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Fireprotect is a ready for use product and can be atomized or applied with a brush. It permeates the wood deeply.
In addition to being fire-resistant, Fireprotect is also hydrophobic (water-repellent), which is interesting for the packaging industry among others. Fireprotect complies with expectations DIN 4102 Class B1 (ISO 834). It has a pH value of 8. Furthermore, the product is UV-resistant.

Further testing: NFP 92-504 Firespreadingtest;
Steiner Tunnel Test-ASTM E-84;
Carlifornian Technical Bulletin (TB).

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