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H2A Coatings BV has special products that are exceptionally well applicable to protect surfaces against graffiti. Our products are suitable for all sorts of surfaces, like concrete, masonry, brick, stone, marble, glass, steel, and synthetic surfaces.
To protect a surface against graffiti with an effective anti-graffiti product will always be economical in the long run. Our products offer protection against graffiti, and also against grease, oil, road salts and atmospheric pollutants.

Our anti-graffiti coatings offer effective protection against graffiti for many cleanings. They are environmentally safe and graffiti can easily be removed with a high pressure spray or even with brush and warm soapy water.

Our innovations are

More permanent

Often there is a wish to protect a surface with a more permanent system than potato starch. H2A Coatings BV has developed a transparent and exceptionally resistant impregnation system against graffiti.
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