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The impregnation products of H2A Coatings BV contribute much to the development of intelligent textiles, with inbuilt high-tech properties.

The usefulness of the product for consumers

Textiel coating

Over Textiel

Production of textile and clothing is amongst the oldest techniques used by mankind.
Textile used to be for protection against the weather, but nowadays it is also used in architecture, building applications, as filters for air and water, for car interiors, as protection against the sun and UV radiation and much more.

Technical textile

Textile not used for clothing can be made of different combining materials. In general we distinguish between cloth, felt and non-woven textiles.

Furthermore, technical textiles can be improved with characteristics like

Working together with our clients we define and produce superior applications.
All our products are based on liquids and can be applied to typical and well-known processes in the textile industry. Together we optimise these processes to achieve the best possible results and the best possible competitive ability. Similarly, we take into account the safety of the environment with all our products.

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